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Rohan Spuke
Rohan Spuke
Quality 3d art for Games, movies and 3d print
Goa, India


I’m a self-taught artist , every skill that I have was developed studying by myself . I’m responsive, dedicated to my work . I always avoid the “comfort zone”.

I am a freelance artist over 5 years experience in a wide variety of areas (Films/commercials/print advertising/architecture/game art).

I have worked in house at some of the major VFX CG and post production studios in my country as well as being set-up to handle a large scope of remote work.

I have expertise in Concept art , 3d character modeling, texturing , rigging , animation, Environmental/prop modeling and texturing, ncloth and hair, simulation, vfx , dynamics, marmoset, topogun, unity, Udk , Ogre, torque 3d, maya, 3dsmax, blender etc.


Concept Art3D Animation3D Modeling3D Printing3D VisualizationFacial Rigging & AnimationRiggingPBR Texturing